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Having a baby seems like the most natural thing in the world, but we know that many women need a helping hand to turn that dream into reality.

At the Bridge Centre, that helping hand doesn’t just include giving you the chance of having a baby, but also making the low cost IVF treatment available too.

At the Bridge Centre, we offer natural cycle IVF as well as mild stimulation IVF. The treatment you decide to go for depends on a number of factors. If you are unable to take fertility drugs due to personal or religious beliefs or perhaps because you’re at risk of ovarian hyper-stimulation (OHSS) then the natural cycle IFV process is for you. You may consider mild stimulation IVF if there is concern that you may have adverse reactions to fertility drugs so you will receive a lower dose of fertility drugs over a shorter period of time than with conventional IVF.

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  • A safer pregnancy
    Keeping mum and baby safe by reducing multiple pregnancies
  • Your well-being
    Less invasive drugs keep you in control at this important time
  • A mild and natural approach
    Benefits your mind and body with less stress and less risks
  • Success rates
    Good prospects for women under 35 with healthy eggs
  • Over 40?
    Natural cycle IVF can be particularly successful for women over 40
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    Find out more at our next open evening

Natural cycle IVF - how does it work?


The drugs

With mild IVF, a lower dose of fertility drugs is taken that does not alter your natural cycle. This reduces the drug treatment by two weeks and stops any side effects. Natural IVF treatment involves no drugs.

The eggs

The reduced level of drugs means that there are usually fewer eggs available to collect. We collect as many good quality eggs as possible in each cycle.

Embryo freezing

Any remaining embryos that are healthy will be frozen for later use - this means that these can be used if your first cycle is unsuccessful.


If your first treatment doesn t result in a successful pregnancy, you’ll be ready for another attempt on your next cycle unlike in conventional IVF. The lower dose of drugs makes this possible.

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