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Support group

The Bridge Centre runs a support group based at the London Women's Clinic for Bridge Centre and LWC patients as well as non patients who find themselves trying to cope with the demands of fertility treatment.  The group is held once a month to share experiences, offer peer support and swap ideas and resources on how to help cope during this time.  The group is very informal, lively and incredibly warm. 

Everyone is welcome no matter what stage of treatment they are at and no matter what their specific circumstances. The group is proud to always have a mixture of heterosexual, same sex couples and single women all attending with the same hope of creating their own unique family.  It is realising that you are not alone in this situation which is one of the key elements to the success of the group.

Upcoming support groups:

Monday 30th April 7-8.30pm

Monday 21st May 7-8.30pm

Monday 25th June 7-8.30pm

Upcoming single women's social groups:

Monday 16th April 7-8.30pm

Monday 14th May 7-8.30pm

Monday 11th June 7-8.30pm

The groups take place at 112 Harley Street, London W1G 7JQ.

Here are some of the thoughts from those who have attended the support group...

"The group gives such a support feel.  It is so important in a process that is so full of frustration, tension and sense of failure."

"The group was great in that it helped us realise we're neither alone, nor weird in what we have been experiencing through our IVF journey so far."

"It is super that the LWC opens up the support group to those not receiving treatment there.  It was lovely to meet other people going through similar experiences."

"I have never before attended any sort of support group, mainly because I am rubbish at talking about me.  It really helped me to listen to others share their story and on the train on the way home I felt my feelings were normal.  I also felt slightly less alone and for that I thank you so much."


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