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Time to talk about natural cycle IVF

Posted on 22.9.15

Champion of mild IVF, Professor Bart Fauser, has joined our team at the Bridge Centre, and will be giving a talk at the clinic on Saturday 26 September about his work on natural cycle IVF.

We’re delighted that Professor Fauser has joined our dedicated team at the Bridge Centre as he is one of the world’s most influential figures behind the concept of mild IVF. In his landmark study of 2007, published in The Lancet, he showed that IVF performed with low doses of drugs was not only as effective as conventional IVF, but was also safer, less expensive and simpler to perform.

His report paved the way for mild ovarian stimulation and questioned the need to use multiple eggs for successful IVF. Since the report, his findings have been demonstrated time and time again, especially in Japan, where clinics have reported remarkable success rates from treatment cycles involving no or very low doses of hormonal drugs.

Along with this mild approach Professor Fauser advocates that the success of IVF should be measured by the delivery of a single healthy baby over a course of time (two or three cycles if necessary). He also supports that the safety of mother and baby in terms of trying to reduce the number of complications caused by multiple pregnancies, simple procedures to reduce stress and cost effective treatment, should all be considered regarding the success of any IVF procedure.

He believes that these measures of success within IVF treatment should be used instead of the obsession with the number of eggs or embryos produced and the pregnancy rate.

Despite this talk of success rates, what really lies at the heart of this landmark study is the well being of the patient.  ‘Women may feel it is more natural to conceive in a normal, drug-free monthly cycle rather than in the stimulated cycle,’ believing it is easier for women to accept the replacement of one embryo at a time, over a period of several months, within a practically stress free environment, than undergo the conventional procedure.

The aim of his research and the foundation of the mild approach to IVF at the Bridge Centre is to give women the best possible chance of having a baby. This is based on considering their well being, keeping mother and baby safe by reducing multiple pregnancies, using less invasive drugs and keeping stress to a minimum. 

And the good news is that despite the reduced chances of women having a baby as they get older, natural cycle IVF is particularly successful for women over 40.

So if you’re considering IVF but concerned about the conventional approach, why not come along at 11am on Saturday 26 September to hear Bart Fauser talk about the benefits of natural cycle IVF based on a milder treatment procedure. Please get in touch if you would like to attend by calling 020 3819 3282 or email

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