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The London Egg Bank At The Bridge Centre

Posted on 8.8.16

The Bridge Centre has always believed that fertility services are better together. In recent years, IVF success rates have been improving among clinics that are embracing cooperation and integration of separate fertility services – particularly concerning donor eggs.

For the Bridge Centre, our new egg donor recruitment hub is sure to send a powerful message to fertility patients across the UK, as the London Egg Bank gets its own base at Bridge to improve patient’s access to donor eggs for use in IVF treatment.

What Does An Egg Bank At The Bridge Centre Mean For Me? 

In short: and egg bank at the Bridge Centre means that patients seeking treatment with donor eggs can have access to the UK’s largest egg bank in the same place as where they get their treatment, leading to a smoother more reliable fertility treatment process as a whole.

Maybe you’ve not heard of treatment with donor eggs? Or perhaps never considered them as an option?

If you’re a woman who has had repeated IVF failures or cannot conceive, it could be due to your ovarian reserve or your egg quality. Regardless of the reason, problems with your own eggs can be a large contributing factor to conceiving and carrying a healthy pregnancy.

Egg quality and ovarian reserve are affected mainly by age related infertility. For some women who are attempting to start families later in life, infertility can rear its ugly head, presenting itself as an insurmountable problem without enormous time and money invested in fertility solutions. If you are over 40, or have undergone an early menopause or cancer treatment, donor eggs may be an appropriate investment for your fertility and boost your chances of having a successful healthy pregnancy.

Donor eggs aim to empower women who feel belittled by infertility, putting them and their success first.

Our clinic’s success rates via frozen embryo transfer with eggs from the London Egg Bank are currently 40% for women of all ages, so if you’re feeling that age related infertility is holding you back, you need not look further than the Bridge Centre and its fertility allies for the best chances of having the family you’ve always dreamed of.

Treatment With Donor Eggs: Getting Started and Support 

If you’ve had your fertility evaluated and feel as though you need donor eggs, starting treatment is as simple as deciding you want to and then selecting a clinic that works for you.

For those who decide to have treatment with donor eggs with the Bridge Centre, we provide a direct personal support professional to all patients who choose this pathway. Our dedicated Egg Recipient Coordinator is an expert in treatment with donor eggs who serves as a patient’s main point of contact for any questions or queries they might have about the procedure or personal reservations.

As a patient seeking treatment with donor eggs, you’ll meet with our Egg Recipient Coordinator after your first consultation, after which you will receive full support from the start of the process to the finish. This is where our relationship with the London Egg Bank comes in:

The London Egg Bank is the UK’s largest egg bank, offering a large roster of donors via a detailed and user friendly online catalogue (you can explore it here, absolutely free!). From here, our patients can select a donor that they think is right for them based upon a broad selection of attributes, personality traits and achievements of anonymous, altruistic women.

Among other things:

- All egg donors are screened making sure only healthy, fertile eggs make it onto our catalogue

- As an HFEA regulated bank, patients can rely on the London Egg Bank’s excellent operating standards

- The London Egg Bank’s online catalogue is easily accessible and designed to make finding the ideal donor possible in minutes

Get The Best From Your Treatment With The Best Clinic 

Here at The Bridge, we’re proud of the combined fertility services we provide and the many patients that we have helped throughout the years. If you’re thinking of having fertility treatment and want the best success rates, then come to us – there’s no waiting lists for treatment.

It’s as simple as that: just drop in and see us. We’re a clinic that has the resources, experience and knowledge to cater to all fertility needs, so don’t settle for less – if you’re looking to start a family, we’ve just got one more reason for you to start your journey at the Bridge Centre.

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