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Now Open: London’s Sperm and Egg Banks Come To The Bridge Centre

Posted on 14.6.16

Looking For Donor Sperm Or Donor Eggs?

Get It All At The Bridge Centre!

The Bridge Centre is making things simpler for couples and single women who need donor gametes alongside their fertility treatment. Now, our centre has two new services integrated into all of its fertility programmes: In house sperm and egg banks via our affiliates the London Sperm Bank and the London Egg bank. 

With this new venture, our clinic now has access to the largest sperm bank and its very own egg bank that all Bridge patients can use. Anyone requiring treatment with donor gametes can make the process quicker and easier by having all their treatment needs taken care for them by one clinic they have already put their trust in. 

Our goal is to make your fertility experience something you don’t need to be stressed about, and with this latest improvement, we’re attempting to compile a comprehensive network of fertility services that are all working together for the same goal: our patients and their family prospects. It’s IVF and assisted conception made just that much easier

We’re making a comprehensive fertility network – all under one roof

Our New Sperm and Egg Banks 

Staffed from 8:30am to 5:30pm, the London Egg and Sperm banks have been accepting sperm and egg donors since the 1st June You can browse their fantastic donor catalogues on the following websites: - Take a look at their online catalogue to see their growing list of active donors available immediately for treatment:

And with no waiting lists, there’s never been a better time to purchase sperm or eggs for your treatment. 

How Donor Sperm Could Help Your Treatment 

For single women and same-sex couples, donor insemination is a common treatment pathway towards having a baby. With the presence of the London Sperm Bank, patients looking to have donor insemination can select the perfect donor and then have their treatment right away at the Bridge – it’s the largest UK donor register with no wait times! 

For couples experiencing male factor infertility, donor sperm can also be used in standard IVF and ICSI. These treatments are exactly the same as they normally are, only this time donor sperm is used in place of a partner’s sperm. 

The benefits of the LSB’s large catalogue are evident for couples looking to find donors who match with their own attributes. The LSB catalogue uses an intelligent categorisation and filtering system that will allow you to find a donor who is similar to your partner or matched to the detail of both your desires.

A Simpler Approach Puts Patients In Control 

Couples seeking treatment at the Bridge Centre can get immediate referrals for treatment with donor eggs or sperm from our staff and consultants when coming in for consultations with us. Having all of our services in one place makes things easier for patients and clinicians alike – and gives you a comprehensive service you can confidently put your trust in. 

With this improved referral system, the Bridge Hopes to help more families dealing with infertility on their way towards having children of their own. You don’t need the stress of researching different individual fertility services, sperm banks and more on top of having to go through the fertility treatment journey too – it’s too much and unnecessary. 

For a simpler fertility journey where you’re in control for every moment, get started here.

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