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New Natural Cycle IVF programme launched

Posted on 14.1.15

Here at the Bridge Centre we've launched a new Natural Cycle IVF programme that works with your natural cycle, unlike conventional IVF.

Natural Cycle is easier, less stressful and less expensive than conventional IVF and works with little, or no, ovarian stimulationm drugs. It fits in with your own natural cycle and your body naturally selects your best egg.

What is natural cycle IVF

Natural cycle IVF involves collecting and fertilising the one egg that you naturally release during your monthly cycle. When mature, usually around day 10 to 14 of your cycle, the egg is collected using a simple procedure of follicle aspiration and egg retrieval. The egg is then fertilised with either your partner's or donor sperm using modern IVF techniques. After 2-3 days a single embryo is replaced in your uterus, and then after two weeks you can take a pregnancy test.

Why choose natural cycle IVF?

The major difference between conventional and natural cycle IVF is that no (or little) stimulating drugs are used. This means treatment is less invasive and it carries less risk, such as the likelihood of suffering from ovarian hyperstimulation. As a result, natural cycle IVF is a less stressful option.

Treatment is also more cost effective than conventional IVF - making it an affordable choice. At the Bridge Centre we have a number of low cost packages available to meet every budget.

Who is it suitable for?

If you have a natural cycle and are under 45 you are suitable for Natural Cycle IVF at the Bridge Centre. This is regardless of your AMH levels, ovarian reserve or history of previous stimulated IVF failures. It may be particularly suitable for you if you have a low ovarian reserve or poor response to conventional IVF treatment. It can also be especially suitable for women over 40 or couples who have a male factor infertility issue.

Find out more

Interested in finding out more? You're welcome to come along to one of our information sessions. These sessions provide a great opportunity to find out more about Natural Cycle IVF treatment, its benefits and if you're suitable.

The clinic has the following sessions coming up:

Thursday 25th January 6pm

Thursday 5th February 6pm


For the information on natural cycle IVF or to book your place at one of the clinic's information sessions please call 020 3819 3282 or email


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