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More than just IVF: Personalised treatment through the One by One IVF programme

Posted on 23.11.17

In the second blog of our three-part series on One by One IVF, Samantha Neumann, Principal Genetic Counsellor at the Bridge Centre discusses what to expect on the programme and how the team support you every step of the way. 

Freeze all embryos

The programme starts with individualised ovarian stimulation to maximise the number and quality of eggs collected for fertilisation. It then  involves freezing all embryos and transferring after thawing ‘one by one’ in later non-stimulated cycles. This maximises cumulative live birth rates per IVF attempt while minimising multiple pregnancies, which decreases the health risks for both mother and baby.  

Genetic testing

In some cases, where indicated, we provide a further layer of treatment by testing embryos for unbalanced chromosomes. Embryos with abnormal numbers of chromosomes are almost always incapable of developing into a pregnancy and healthy baby. These are the most frequent causes of IVF failure and miscarriage in patients. 

The latest genetic testing technology

Because of the unique qualities of each patient's history, the team will decide which specific genetic testing technologies are best for each patient. The One by One IVF team interpret the results and develop a strategy for additional testing to provide the best chance of success for patients. 

Time lapse microscopy

All embryos are incubated in a time-lapse incubator, which not only allows them to grow and develop in an ideal environment, but allows our highly trained embryology team to capture every cell division and review it later on. In some cases, an optional embryo biopsy will be done to test for chromosomal imbalances. 

Who are the One by One IVF team?

The One by One IVF team consists of knowledgeable, caring and compassionate individuals that are 100% invested in the concept of the programme.

- Doctors take every aspect of the patient's test results, past treatments and medical history into consideration prior to creating a personalised treatment plan.
- Nurses are the anchors throughout the process who will  guide the patient through what to expect and provide support throughout the treatment journey.
- Embryologists are highly trained and treat each embryo with an unprecedented level of care. They use the latest technology to help identify the most suitable embryo to transfer.
- A Genetic Counsellor who helps patients   understand the more technical details of the programme and  do our best to help the patient achieve a healthy pregnancy. 

What to expect on the One by One programme?

The One by One programme takes a personalised approach to our patients' treatment and care. Instead of taking one cutting edge technology and applying it in the same way for everyone we take equal parts: personalisation, embryo care, communication, genetic testing, and proven results to get each patient to their best chances at success. Fertility treatment is not about only fixing a single problem, but about optimising many aspects of a patient or couple’s reproductive potential to produce the best results.  

Patients will be supported, well-informed and develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence to take an active part in their own health and wellbeing. The team’s commitment to patient care puts the patient experience at the heart of the programme providing a seamless process with as less stress as possible. 

For more information on our innovative One by One IVF programme, why not attend our next open day on 2nd December.  To book your place please visit

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