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Latest issue of Ova now available

Posted on 15.7.15

The fifth edition of fertility magazine, Ova, is now available. The bumper issue, aimed at traditional and alternative families, gives the whole picture behind reproductive medicine and tackles both the science and emotions involved.

Ova’s got it covered

With eighteen real-life stories to relate to, covering the whole breadth of fertility scenarios, you’ll certainly not feel alone in your personal journey to motherhood. “Reproductive medicine has developed so remarkably over the past few years”, explains Dr Kamal Ahuju, Director, JD Healthcare Group, “that there are now very few people whose infertility can’t be successfully treated – even if it means that their babies may not be entirely their biological own.” 

Apart from the emotional and practical support that the case studies offer, Ova also includes news, special features, clinical reports and legal issues to keep you up to date with all the latest developments in fertility care. You can find out about our new patient co-ordinators and the advantages of time-lapse assessment available at the Bridge.

We also go back to the future with our IVF story that looks at how the very first IVF treatments were performed in a natural cycle. This is now becoming a popular choice, where a gentler approach is being offered that is less invasive and less stressful than conventional IVF, which uses drugs to stimulate the ovaries and uterus.

You’ll also find a detailed report on cumulative cycle IVF explaining how success rates increase with consecutive IVF treatment.

While for those of you who are hoping to have a family slightly later in life, we explore the options for the over 40s and take a look at the statistics for success. In fact, the number of women having a baby over the age of 40 has increased fourfold over the past 30 years.

The magazine also covers the latest techniques, including preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) – a method of screening embryos for genetic and chromosome problems before implantation. Rather than a prenatal test, PGD identifies genetic disease in an embryo and not the foetus, therefore avoiding the difficult decision of whether to terminate the pregnancy or not.

With contributions from consultants, specialists and professors, researchers, legal advisers, counsellors and patients – Ova offers a comprehensive guide to those facing infertility problems. And most importantly, it continues to embrace fertility care and support, while giving you the information to help on your own unique journey.

You can get your own free copy here

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