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Bridging the gap

Posted on 9.2.15

Here at the Bridge Centre we recognise that fertility treatment can be a difficult time for our patients. That’s why we have introduced two new patient co-ordinators to our dedicated team.

From taking that first step to calling the clinic, to your two-week wait following treatment, our patient co-ordinators are here to offer you practical advice and emotional support every step of the way.

Meet Anya and Emma

Anya Sizer is our resident fertility support coordinator who runs our successful support group. This is available to all Bridge Centre patients and is held at the London Women’s Clinic, our parent company.

Emma Hill has been working in our enquiries department and has in depth knowledge of the clinic and is able to provide an extra level of communication between you and our team.

Taking care

Emma explains what you can expect from this extra level of care.

We’ve been offering this service at the London Women’s Clinic for over a year and it’s proved really successful. It made sense to offer the same service at the Bridge, as it’s been so valuable to our LWC patients.

Anya and myself act as a point of contact for patients coming to the clinic, we are able to point them in the right direction and offer support throughout and beyond treatment.

Every one of our patients comes to the clinic with a different story and with their own unique needs. The last thing we want is for you to feel as if you’re on a conveyor belt. We hope that the individual needs of all of our patients will be taken care of by Anya and myself within these new roles.

How does it work?

Your first point of contact with us will be before your first consultation. We’ll give you a call and introduce ourselves and explain what you need to know, it’s also a great time to ask us lots of questions, no matter how trivial you think they may be.

We continue to be here for you throughout your treatment to provide extra support. Anya and myself find that our role is particularly important during that difficult two-week wait – the time between your treatment and the pregnancy test.

Need to talk?

Anya is our resident fertility support coordinator and is the ideal contact if you need emotional support. She’s here for you if you need someone to talk to or listen to your problems and provide guidance. Anya also runs the support group at the LWC, which is open to all Bridge patients.

Looking for practical advice?

If you’re looking for more practical information, such as details about the clinic and your treatment, I’m on hand to help. I’ll guide you in the right direction if you are unsure of your next steps, let you know who is the best person to speak to after your treatment, or tell you how to order sperm.

Give us a call

And if you have any questions, no matter how small, don’t forget that we’re here for you and ready to take your call."


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