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Fertility over 40 – it is not too late!

Posted on 28.9.17

Many women fear that they have left it too late to have a baby but this is often not the case.  For many women it is perfectly possible to have a baby later in life and The Bridge Centre has helped many women over 40 achieve their dreams of a family.

We know now with certainty that female fertility declines with age, and that by the time a woman reaches her late thirties her fertility will be much less than it was a decade earlier.  Indeed, many women in their forties will simply be unable to conceive naturally but the Bridge Centre has designed a fertility programme tailored to help women over 40 have a baby.


We are happy to treat women up to the age of 45 with IVF using their own eggs if their consultant feels that it is appropriate.  The Bridge Centre also offers an enhanced IVF programme that may improve success rates in older women.  Women over 40 may find that they produce only a few eggs during IVF.  The key to success is to identify which of these egg(s) will be the most likely to result in a successful pregnancy.   Our One by One programme uses the latest in genetic testing techniques and time lapse microscopy to do exactly that - identify the best egg and transfers it to the womb.  An added advantage of putting only one egg back at a time is that it reduces the likelihood of a multiple pregnancy, which can put a tremendous strain on the mother and lead to unfavourable pregnancy outcomes.

Specialist IVF programmes such as our IVF Lite and One by One programmes are particularly beneficial to over 40s.  IVF Lite is a mild IVF approach that has a simple treatment schedule and low medication dose to minimise risk and enhance efficiency.

Our One by One programme minimises the risk of a multiple pregnancy by transferring one embryo at a time when the womb conditions are optimal.  Screening of embryos can also be performed to ensure that any embryo transferred is healthy and likely to result in a viable pregnancy. 

IVF with Donor eggs

Egg donation, allows women with few viable eggs of their own to achieve a pregnancy and have their own baby.  Whilst you will not be biologically related, you will still be the mother of the baby and will help to nourish and nurture the baby growing inside of you. If you have a partner then his sperm can be used to fertilise the egg and he will be the biological father.  There is also donor sperm available from The London Sperm Bank, should you wish to use it. 

All of the egg donors that we have on the London Egg Bank catalogue are altruistic donors meaning that they are not donating for financial gain (they do receive a small amount of compensation for time off work to attend appointments and travel costs) and have been rigorously screened to ensure that they are suitable to donate.  We have a highly experience egg donation administrator who will be able to guide you through every step of the process and answer any questions that you may have.  Additionally, there is counselling available to help you to think about any implications and your thoughts and feelings about the process.

Find out more about our dedicated fertility for the over 40s programme at our Open Day on 7th October:

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