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Coping with Infertility at Christmas

Posted on 22.12.17

By Cindy Charles

Christmas can be stressful at the best of times and when combined with infertility issues and treatment, it can make for a heady concoction that will challenge even the most spirited of people. For six weeks prepare to be bombarded with images of the perfect family, domesticity, goodwill and hope for the future.  However, this enforced gaiety can take its toll on mind, body and soul, when your world isn’t as you would like it to be and the one thing you crave, a family, remains tantalisingly out of reach.

Despite the crowds, it can be a lonely place to be, only to then be on the receiving end of personal questions from well-meaning family and friends, asking the awkward questions that you dread to hear. 

In response to this, it is worth getting your seasonal ‘armour’ together to help cocoon yourself from some of these scenarios. Here are a few suggestions to get you through to January.

· Acknowledge that people who haven’t had fertility treatment themselves or been involuntarily childless will find it difficult to understand the complexities of your situation (especially whilst munching on a canape and drinking Prosecco!)

· Use your energy wisely.  If you find some situations too difficult, explain to others as diplomatically as you can and ‘opt out’. Some people find it helpful to write a note to family or friends beforehand explaining their situation.

· Celebrate this Christmas ‘your way’. If a trip to the cinema or walk in the park makes you feel better, make sure you schedule it in before other people’s diaries take over yours!

· Feed yourself well and feel better for it. Too much pastry and sugar will only reduce your energy levels overall. Go for an 80/20 rule of good and bad.

· Anticipate that your emotions will be up and down and that this is quite normal and to be expected. Acknowledge your feelings and let them drift by, as they will change if you let them, which will ultimately cause you less stress.

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