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Your first appointment

Your first appointment at the Bridge Centre will take approximately two hours.  This will give you time to meet a member of the nursing team who can introduce you to the clinic.

At the first consultation you will meet one of our fertility specialists who will complete a detailed review of your medical history. You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions. If you have had previous fertility treatments elsewhere it will help if you can bring any medical records with you.  The specialist can then recommend the most appropriate tests including an ultrasound scan, blood tests and a semen analysis for the male partner if applicable and begin a treatment plan.  

Fertility counselling is included in the cost of your initial consultation and is normally arranged on a separate day from your appointment with the specialist.

For more information about booking your initial consultation at the Bridge Centre please call our friendly enquiries team on 020 3819 3282 or complete the contact form on the right hand side. 

Please note:

Fertility treatment at the Bridge Centre will be considered irrespective of social status or sexual orientation, provided applicants meet the stated medical criteria.

Some treatments are dependent on the female partner's age, which is known to be a key determinant of success.  The upper age limit for women wishing to have treatment is 55 years (you must have given birth by the 55th birthday) with treatment using the female partner's own eggs discussed on a case by case basis over the age of 46.

Treatment can take place at the Bridge Centre with a BMI of up to 35. Chances of success can vary with a high BMI and patients should discuss this with their fertility specialist during their initial consultation. Please note there is a BMI limit of 30 for patients wishing to take part in the One by One IVF programme. 

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