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Treatment for NHS patients

The Bridge Centre now provides NHS funded treatment to patients in the East of England which includes people living in Bedfordshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk. If you fit the eligibility criteria for your local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) you could be referred for NHS treatment at the Bridge Centre. 

Who is eligible?

Each CCG has set criteria and will differ in terms of what treatment will be funded. Funding for fertility treatment may not be available if you or your partner already has children or if the female partner is over a certain age or has a BMI over 29.

How do I get started?

The first step is to see your GP who will discuss your fertility status and potentially send you for some initial investigations. Following these investigations you may then be referred to see a specialist at your local NHS fertility clinic (secondary provider) who may carry out further investigations. If treatment is required, your consultant will refer you on to clinic such as the Bridge Centre to provide fertility treatment for you.

Referral centres

The Bridge Centre works with the following referral centres (Secondary Providers):


  • James Paget University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • Queen Elizabeth Hospital King’s Lynn NHS Trust


  • Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust
  • West Suffolk Hospitals NHS Trust


  • Essex Rivers Health Care NHS Trust
  • Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust
  • Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust
  • Basildon & Thurrock University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • Southend University Hospital Foundation Trust


  • East & North Hertfordshire NHS Trust
  • West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust

Why choose the Bridge Centre?

The Bridge Centre has been providing treatment to NHS patients for nearly 20 years. It is one of the UK’s leading fertility, gynaecology, genetics and IVF clinics, based in central London. Our team can diagnose the causes of infertility, as well as support couples and individuals to overcome difficulties with conception through IVF and other fertility treatments. Our success rates from IVF and other fertility treatments are among the best in the country. 

  • We currently have no waiting list for treatment.  If you are referred to the Bridge Centre, treatment can start within six weeks or less.
  • Our NHS patients are currently achieving a 60% success rate for a fresh cycle of IVF.

All ages (fresh embryo transfer)

40% per transfer

All ages (frozen embryo transfer)

41% per transfer

NHS Patients (≤35yrs)

62% per transfer

Donor eggs (all ages)

53% per transfer

Intrauterine insemination by donor sperm

27% (cumulative success after 3 attempts)

  • The Bridge Centre is located a 2 minute walk from London Bridge station making travelling from the East of England easy and convenient.

Special Services

London Sperm Bank
The London Sperm Bank provides the UK’s largest single source of donor sperm for the treatment of infertility. The LSB has based its donor recruitment on branding and customer service, and can now give fertility patients a wide catalogue choice of donor sperm. Please note that donor sperm is only available to eligible NHS patients.

London Egg Bank
The London Egg Bank was opened in 2013 to facilitate egg donation in the UK. It is the first egg bank in the UK to have an online catalogue function with both fresh and frozen donor eggs available. Please note that donor eggs are only available to eligible NHS patients.

In the past few years additional techniques of embryo selection have been introduced which use high-tech methods to screen embryos for genetic and chromosomal information. The team at the Bridge Centre has ten years of experience in assisting infertility patients with Pre-implantation Genetic Analysis. Please note that PGD and PGS is only available to eligible NHS patients.


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