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One-by-One IVF

What is One-by-One IVF?

One-by-One IVF is an innovative, new approach to assisted reproduction that involves freezing all embryos in an IVF cycle and transferring after thawing ‘one-by-one’ in later non-stimulated cycles. This maximises cumulative live birth rates per IVF attempt while minimising multiple pregnancies, which increases the health risks for both mother and baby.

Pioneered by only a handful of top clinics world-wide so far, higher cumulative pregnancy rates are being reported for a wide range of maternal ages.

Benefits of One-by-One IVF

  • High cumulative singleton pregnancy rates of around 75%*
  • Maximising pregnancy rates in a single cycle of IVF
  • A decreased risk of twin pregnancy which is safer for mother and baby
  • A dedicated One-by-One IVF clinical laboratory and core clinical team providing a personalised level of care
  • Affordable, inclusive packages, including two frozen embryo transfer cycles

One-by-One IVF Plus provides a further level of sophistication by testing embryos for unbalanced chromosomes. Embryos with abnormal numbers of chromosomes or parts of chromosomes are almost always incapable of developing into a pregnancy and healthy baby. These are the most frequent cause of IVF failure and miscarriage, probably in older patients.

Additional Benefits of One-by-One IVF Plus

  • The transfer of only genetically balanced embryos
  • High cumulative singleton pregnancy rates of around 90%*
  • Pregnancy loss/miscarriage rates are reduced
  • A shorter time to pregnancy than standard IVF

Offered for the first time in the UK at the Bridge Centre, One-by-One IVF is a dedicated clinical programme led by a world class team of experts.

* Based on historical cumulative results and ongoing One-by-One IVF success rates

What is One-by-One?

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