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One-by-One IVF

How does One-by-One IVF work?

One-by-One IVF

One-by-One IVF incorporates many of the latest innovations in IVF to maximise the chances of a successful and safe single pregnancy:

  • Ovarian stimulation individually tailored to optimise the number of mature eggs collected in a single IVF treatment cycle.
  • Embryos are cultured to the blastocyst stage and monitored by time-lapse imaging.
  • No embryo transfer in the fresh cycle to avoid ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) and improve the chance of pregnancy.
  • All blastocysts are vitrified (frozen) and transferred in a series of frozen embryo transfer cycles.

Using these techniques in combination, One-by-One can aim for high cumulative pregnancy rates – as high as 75%* per cycle in patients under 35.

One-by-One IVF Plus

One-by-One IVF Plus Additionally includes:

  • Unlimited testing for genetic imbalance (aneuploidy and structural abnormalities) by ‘next generation sequencing’ (NGS) chromosome copy number analysis.
  • Transfer of a genetically balanced blastocyst in a series of single frozen embryo transfer cycles.
  • An expert report that summarises the time lapse and genetic data, compares your chances of achieving a pregnancy with the ‘average’ patient of a similar age and makes recommendations for any future cycles. This service is unique to the Bridge Centre and is delivered by an expert team of specialists.

Using these techniques in combination, One-by-One IVF Plus can aim for high cumulative pregnancy rates – as high as 90%* over 2 embryo transfers

* Based on historical cumulative results and ongoing One-by-One IVF success rates

One-by-One infographic

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