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One by One

IVF package


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One by One Plus

IVF package


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Please note that there is the additional fee of consultations, and possibly other fees. To find your total cost, see our below price lists, or simply contact us using the contact form in the right column.

Consultation & investigation

Fertility consultation


Fertility consultation with pelvic ultrasound scan


Comprehensive initial consultation package - Female (including pelvic ultrasound scan and AMH blood test)


Comprehensive initial consultation package - Male & Female (including pelvic ultrasound scan, AMH blood test and semen analysis)


IVF treatment

Standard IVF


IVF three cycle package


One by One IVF


One by One IVF Plus


Egg donation from the London Egg Bank

Egg donation from a UK based, registered donor (five fresh eggs)


Egg donation from a UK based, registered egg donor (six frozen eggs)


Egg donation administration and co-ordination fee (inc. all screening tests and compensation payment for the egg donor)


Egg freezing

Egg freezing


Egg freezing three cycle package


Intrauterine insemination (IUI)

Intrauterine insemination (IUI natural cycle)


Intrauterine insemination (IUI stimulated cycle)


Donor sperm from the London Sperm Bank (if required in addition to the costs above)


Our price list has been put together to show a complete transparency of costs throughout your treatment. The table above gives a snapshot of our current price list. Medication and techniques such as ICSI are chargeable in addition to these prices. Please see the full price list available to download by pdf file below for more details.


Bridge price list

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